Friday, April 13, 2012

Looking into Yoga

I've already mentioned before that I'm working through anxiety and depression and I know yoga has helped several people I know with their problems. I'm also a very inactive person because of my work and graduate course load, oh yeah and there's this mother and wife thing I do on a daily basis. Okay, so I'm not really inactive, just not active in the right ways.  Here are some ways I know Yoga can help me:

  • Reduce Stress ans Anxiety 
  • Improve my Immune System
  • Enhance psychological and emotional health 
  • Help Concentration 

There are many other benefits to doing yoga out there but I'm concentrating on these four at the moment because these are the parts of my life that need the most improvement. 

My biggest problem with finding a yoga class or group is cost. I'm looking into several local places in my area but they all charge more then I can afford at the moment. Now my quest is looking for a free or close to free group that meets in the basement of some place once a week, hopefully on a weekend. My quest continues ...

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