Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Intensive Out Patient Therapy,and how I got there.

I have mentioned before, as always, I am dealing with anxiety and depression but I've not mentioned how I am dealing with it. Currently, I am going through intensive out patient therapy to help me learn better coping skills in dealing with the reasons I went into IOPT in the first place.

So why did I go into intensive outpatient therapy?

 I have a very stressful job as a public school educator and I belong to one of the states with race to the top money I was under extra pressure and I was unfortunately gifted a very huge bully of a boss. My boss was the driving force behind me going into therapy. They created a very toxic environment at work for the teachers. It seems a group of us never did the right thing, and could never measure up with the new evaluation system with the addendums being ignored for certain subjects. It was negative comment after negative comment towards myself and my co-workers but of course this boss had her clique of people she loved and measured everyone else up to every day. I heard some horrible things towards people I had come to know well at work.

It didn't stop even after myself and other teachers wrote letters to our local teachers' association and even human resources. 

Yes, I tried to cope with it, I went to individual therapy for a few sessions and got better but it got worse when the school I teach at this year has been placed into the running to be taken over the state government if the school doesn't improve.

So how do you improve a school? Why you fire all of the staff and make them reapply for their jobs with a much more competitive process! Its Genius! (Okay it is far from it and borders insanity).

Added pressures, changing of the guard, and constant bullying from the boss can create chronic stress.

So here I am, on one of my days off, blogging, and making my story known about going into intensive out patient therapy and how I got there.

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